Monday, April 8, 2013

Same Shit, Different Blog

Ok so the moment I saw this shirt on the amazing blogger Man Repeller, I wanted it so bad. I just thought it was adorable and fell in love with the way she styled it. I then started thinking deeper into what those six words really meant.

All Blogs Post the Same Stuff. That's a hard hitting statement. So naturally, I had to address it. There are so many blogs out there. From fashion, art, video games, to life in general. So I kind of see it impossible for all those blogs to be posting the same things. But then again, it could be directed to a certain category of blogging. Fashion blogs for example. I can see how they could post all the same stuff. Such as new trends, recent runway shows, etc. However our opinions about those things are all different. I've read blogs that have the same content as another, but never word for word. I especially love when writer's put their opinions in their pieces. It's interesting to know what people are thinking. At least to me anyways. We all have our own minds. At least, that's how it should be. So do I agree with this statement? Ehhhh, to an extent. Like I said, there could be the same topics and content but when the writer puts some of their own thoughts and themselves into it then that is what makes it different.

I've been through that whole thing where "Ew she is copying my me" or "Hmm I should do this too" but I found it was a waste of time. If someone is taking your ideas then let them. Imitation is a form of flattery. And they can't steal your ideas forever. Keep doing you and there is no going wrong. Just be true to yourself. I tweeted a quote a few weeks ago and got a few responses from it. Some people may have thought I was directing it towards them, but it was merely a quote that I really liked. So calm yo-self. Anyways,  it said "Inspiration and imitation are not the same. Imitation is not flattering, it's suicidal to your creativity. You lose yourself. Inspiration, taking an idea and manipulating it to reflect who you are is flattering." If you see a blog that you really like then it's totally cool to take some of the same concepts and ideas, but do it in a way to where it's not a replica of that blog, but rather you putting your own flare and twist to it. We as a blogger community should embrace one another, and not be hateful. Don't put full truth into the shirt that reads "All Blogs Post the Same Stuff" because if we each put our own individuality into it, then it won't ever hold full validity! Just be you. :)

Now listen...I want to know your opinions about this too. Do you agree with Man Repeller's shirt? Let me knowwwwww. Tweet me or leave a comment on my Instagram. I posted this pic up on there so just tell me what ya think. You can even reply to me via video! Don't be scuuuurd. My usernames for both of those if you didn't know is @xoLyssaLo. I also filmed a Youtube vid (LifewithLys) about this too so feel free to watch that and comment there as well. If I get some feedback from a few of you I will for sure feature it on my blog. Just love hearing what you guys think so please do not be shy. You were given a voice, let it be heard.

I also did a vlog entry on this topic. Sheck, Sheck, Shhhhhheck it out here.

"It is better to fail in originality, than succeed in imitation."